World Peace Game

The year is 2012 and the world has many more problems.
There are some conflicts (wars) in the Middle East and Africa. There is also widespread poverty (poor people) in every country, some more than others. There are people who don't have power to choose how to live their lives. Some people are discriminated (being hated) for their colour, religion or ethnicity. There are many animals facing extinction. The Earth is warming because we use oil, coal and natural gas to power our cars and provide electricity. There are more and more countries building nuclear weapons to protect themselves. The world is populating very fast and there is an increasing shortage of food and water. Some countries want to take your resources (stuff) to become stronger and richer. Most countries want to trade (swap) with you. What can we do? What can you do?
Your challenge is to represent one country and solve all the major problems of the world with the other countries.
You must:
1. Create World Peace by stopping all conflict around the world
2. Increase your economy and every other economy by trading with countries
3. Avert Global Warming by reducing fossil fuel consumption
4. Protect the environment by reducing plants and animals becoming extinct
5. Stop Nuclear Weapons from spreading by getting rid of all nuclear weapons
6. Solve your own countries problem with (religious or ethnic) minorities
7. Stop major disease and virus outbreaks

Use these resources:
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