Leaders: Jessica (prime minister) Eden (ambassator) Dean (treasurer) Robbie (defence minister) Drake (secrotary) Cooper (enviromental minister)


Army:to fight 8,758, reserves 2,468 staff 2,669 armored fighting veichle x1 light operation veichle x1

Population:4.4 million
Navy:Navy ships x10


Resorse: hydro 90% geahemal 130% other renewable 50%

Letters: 1. Dear friends and family of some of the best soldiers. I'm sorry to tell you in this way but your friend s and family have died in thier attack to Japan I hope you can take this so I Jessica your primeminister of NewZealand, have set up a momorial in NewZealand. Hope to see you there. From primeminister Jessica Ellery. All your friends and family are invited.